Encrypt Your Hard Disk

Every day, criminals break into offices and walk away with computers, hard disks, USB pen drives, and other data-holding media. Notebook computers, PDA's and USB drives are constantly being misplaced and forgotten.

What are the repercussions of this data ending up in the wrong hands? What if the data held on your computer belonged to others? What if they sue you? How much would it cost you and your company's reputation when this information became public knowledge?

Although you should always have a password that restricts access to unauthorized users, an average hacker can bypass this mechanism without any problems. Once the hacker gets to the data he can abuse it for his own personal gain. Soon you, your organization and anyone whose information was held on the computer would become aware that they are being billed for goods purchased by the hacker and that they are being impersonated. As more and more clients get effected, the event becomes publicized and you and your organization have some tough questions to answer.

As more and more people become concerned about their privacy and expect those who hold a copy of it to be responsible for its safekeeping, people are now seeking remedy from those who hold information about them if this gets stolen.

Even if you do not hold information about third parties, think about how much your data would be worth in the hands of others. Your trade and professional secrets are now stored electronically on your computer. Make sure that only you and authorized users can get to it.

For information on how we can help you make your data unreadable to ANYONE who is not authorized to access it, send an email to [email protected].

Encrypting your computer or notebook hard disks as well as your USB drives will not necessitate any adjustments on your part. And it only costs a few €s.