Computer Tracking Service

"We've protected your data for years; we're now protecting your hardware."

When your notebook computer goes missing wouldn't you like it back? Our TrackDownâ„¢ solution lets you track down the person who is currently using your computer. If your computer has a webcam and audio input* you can also get a look at the thief and hear him in action. The culprit can be anywhere in the world and as long as he uses your laptop computer on the internet he will be tracked down.

The moment you report that your notebook is missing we will activate the TrackDown module we would have installed previously. From that point onwards as soon as the criminal plugs into the internet we will get his location details and will work with law enforcement to ensure that your belongings and the data it may contain are returned to you soon after.

Coupled with our award-winning Remote Storage Backup solution ( and our second-to-none computer imaging service, we can now offer you high quality complete solutions that protect both your data and programs as well as your hardware investments.

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* Hardware limitations apply.