Virtualization is a method of transforming your computer into multiple "separate" computers, giving each the capabilities of running on its own dedicated machine. Each virtual computer functions as a full-fledged machine.

Virtualization is beneficial to you if:

  • you use your computer for both work and pleasure and are concerned that certain actions when having fun will negatively impact your work session;
  • you share the same computer with other colleagues or family members;
  • you need a computer to experiment on;
  • you would like to keep your computer sessions confidential;
  • you are unable to upgrade your computer because you run an important old program that does not work on newer versions of Windows.

Imagine having two computers; one for work and another one to play games on, surf the internet and have fun. If you get a virus on your "fun" computer it will not impact your work files and programs. Virtualization makes this happen.

In an environment in which multiple members of a family or office use the same computer, virtualization makes it possible for every user to have his/her very own machine. A program installed by one person will have no impact on the other users. The days of conflicting settings and problems associated with many people sharing one computer are history.

Virtualization will not appreciably slow down your computer. Your computer will run as efficiently as ever and probably even more so since there are no settings that you "inherit" from others.

If you install a program that harms or damages your computer, with virtualization you can reverse the effect without having to go through the lengthy and painful process of reinstalling all your files and documents from scratch.

Now you can give every person his/her own computer at a small fraction of the cost of buying everyone his/her own machine and without any of the headaches related to desk space, electrical and internet points and peripherals you would have to deal with if you got everyone a physical computer.

We also transfer your existing computer to its virtual equivalent and train you and your staff (or family) how to get the most out of virtualization.

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