Non Destructive Malware Removal

Formatting a computer to remove an infection is the simplest thing possible. Along with the problem, all data and computer settings are eradicated as well. This is equivalent to a doctor killing a patient so as to rid him of an ailment.

We perform non-destructive malware removal. This means that we remove the virus, spyware, trojan and other infectious code without deleting all your data in the process. We will return your system with the same data it had prior to the infection.

As part of our malware removal process we will also:

  • Optimize your system so that it operates better than when it came in.
  • Install program updates, security fixes and protection solutions so that your computer would be immune against all the latest known malware.
  • Advise you on how to project yourself in the future.
  • Provide you with a backup on optical media of the system before and after the fix.
  • Provide you with a 3 month, 5 GB Remote Storage Backup vault.