Computer Imaging

When you take a backup you normally only backup your word processing, spreadsheet, database, drawing (and similar) files. You do not normally backup the programs that run in your computer or Windows itself.

If your hard disk breaks down, if a worm wipes clean your computer, or if the only way to remove a virus is to format, then all your computer programs, as well as all the customizations, passwords, adjustments you have made to your computer will be lost. Even if you manage to save all your documents, you still have to spend weeks reinstalling Windows, antivirus, antispyware, office suite, and the many programs you use and need. After this you have to hunt down updates and do your best to try (but rarely succeed) to remember how a particular program was customized to work the way you felt comfortable with. Internet settings and memorized passwords is another issue one has to deal with after a full reinstallation.

With our computer imaging service we take an exact "replica" of your computer with all the settings, customizations, updates and what not's. When something happens, we simply restore this computer image (or you can do it at the press of a button).

Our computer imaging service is also useful if you upgrade your computer. Normally many people dread getting a newer and faster computer because it would mean having to reinstall and reload many programs; similar to formatting a computer. Our service caters for such an eventuality.

Coupled with our award-winning Remote Storage Backup solution (, we can protect your data and program investment like no one else.

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